Thank you, Lauren and Jordan!

Today is a somber day in the History Department, as we have to say goodbye to our two incredible archival fellows from Rhodes College.  Lauren and Jordan have been with us for the past 8 weeks and have made an impact that will be felt for years and years to come.

In addition to expertly processing and digitizing the Perre Magness and Arthur Webb collections, they have processed three other collections that will be unveiled shortly.  That is an unbelievable amount of work to accomplish in one summer.  But perhaps what the staff here in the Memphis Room will remember most is that they remained enthusiastic, good-natured and genuinely fun to work around.  We simply loved having them here.

Best of luck to you both, as you move on through school and into the rest of your lives.  And remember, you can always stop by for a visit… (We won’t make you index a single thing!)



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3 responses to “Thank you, Lauren and Jordan!

  1. Henrietta Jordan

    I am so proud of my grandson and all he does, especially a new endeavor such as this. I have high hopes for his bright future. And we love him very much. Jay P Jordan (maternal grandmother and grandfather).

  2. The archival processing room is a now cold and lonely place. We really miss you guys!

  3. I know this a bit delayed, but thank you so much from the Webb family. The indexing the two of you put together of our father’s work is greatly greatly appreciated. Without the library’s acceptance of his papers and your efforts in organizing our dream wouldn’t have been able to come true. Now his work lives on. Thanks so much to the Memphis Room and Lauren and Jordan.

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