Do you know something we don’t?

I bet you do!

As of today, it will be much easier for you to share what you know.  Comments, tags and ratings are now enabled for every item in Dig Memphis.  So, if you see something that you can identify or provide a suggestion about, you can tell us on that very page.  Even if it’s only a guess, we’d love to hear what you think about the documents and images in our collections.

Oh!  I almost forgot – You can download and print the images, too.  Enjoy!


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One response to “Do you know something we don’t?

  1. Thank GOODNESS someone had the good sense to make an amazing website like this for those of us who have yearned for an online resource to all things Memphis history! In the twenty plus years I have used computers for my research and/or to satisfy my own historical questions I have dreamed of such a website to access 24/7. A HUGE thank you to whomever thought of/approved this site!! Major kudos!

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