Beat the Heat

Too hot?  Need to escape the city?  Feel some rest, relaxation and clean water might do you some good?  Head to the Raleigh Inn!

Oh, if only it were 1903…


The descriptions of the resort make it sound like the ideal place to spend a few weeks during this maddening heat:

  • “…within a short electric ride of Memphis, or an hour and a half’s charming drive over a splendid pike”
  • “Electric lights, call bells, bath and toilet rooms, sewers, wire screens on all outside openings, local and long distance telephone, all add to the comfort of the guests.”
  • “for all there are amusements – fishing, frog shooting, tennis, bicycling, billiards, etc.”

And, if you’re feeling under the weather, the Raleigh Springs can treat: “Eczema, ulcers, sore throat, tonsilitis… Gout, rheumatism, scrofula, summer complaint, acid diarrhoea, neuralgia of stomach, nausea, gravel, cystitis, catarrh, teething, and diseases of young children… cardiac weakness, dropsy, liver complaint, chronic diseases…torpor of the digestive organs, jaundice, malaria, anaemia and catarrhal conditions of the abdominal organs… nasal catarrh… boils… torpid liver, constipation, dyspepsia… dysentery… biliary colic, malaria, anemia, sick headache.”  Whew!

For more on the history of the Raleigh Inn, you might enjoy Vance Lauderdale’s March column on it for MBQ Magazine.





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4 responses to “Beat the Heat

  1. Brandon

    Momma always said, nothin’ beats dysentery like frog shootin’.

  2. Suzanne R

    This is fantastic. I never knew this even existed. Wish I had been alive to enjoy every part of this spring.

  3. Adrianne

    Hello. I was just in the library looking at this very brochure about a week ago. My father peeked my interest in the old Raleigh Inn about a month ago and I have been researching it tirelessly ever since. There is very little information on this Inn. In my research I uncovered Goodwinslow, the large mansion that sits in the woods off of James Rd. and the ruins of Epping Manor (Berry Brooks mansion behind Jamesbridge Apartments). It is hard to believe that places this beautiful existed so close to my home in Scenic Hills. Anyway, I have read the memoir written by Mrs. Anne Goodwin Winslow, ‘The Springs’, which was wriiten about the hotel, and also ‘I Remember Raleigh’ by Mary Winslow Chapman, all to no avail. Can anyone help me out with the location of where this once majestic hotel stood?

    • jgea

      it was on the winslow chapman property. i met mrs. chapman in the early 80’s. she allowed me to come for tea, and showed me around! the long driveway winds far back off james rd, and the inn was set back in the woods. at that time, we could see a few remnants of tiles deep in the ravine, where some of the springs were. otherwise, the only way to see anything was from her very vivid recollection!

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