University Yearbooks and Publications

The University Libraries of the University of Memphis has partnered with the Internet Archive to make their institutional repositories available through the Internet Archive.  This includes the DeSoto, the yearbook of the University of Memphis, from 1916 to 1996; and the Lantern, the yearbook of Lambuth University, from 1927 to 2009.  Bulletins, catalogs and directories for both the University of Memphis and Lambuth are also available.  You can also browse  the University of Memphis, University Libraries collection at Internet Archive by subject or keyword.

DLynx, the Rhodes College Archives Digital Collection, is available to those who are interested in viewing archival collections, publications and institutional documents from Rhodes.  The Sou’wester, the student newspaper of the college, is available in its entirety, as are many editions of the school’s yearbook, the Lynx.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some embarrassing photos to search for…


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