Memphis Home Movies

This week, we are excited to add 14 videos to The M Files.

Richard Hoffman (a former colleague) submitted a video for the flood project last summer, and now he has graciously donated copies of films he made here in Memphis between 1955 and 1984.  Originally recorded on 8mm film, these clips capture events and life in Memphis in a way that still photography simply cannot.

So, want to watch the Cotton Carnival parade?  Or, perhaps you’d like to take a drive over the new Hernando de Soto Bridge?  Maybe a visit to the zoo will do you some good… Or you can always watch a hot air balloon race at Shelby Farms… Thanks to Richard, you can take trips back in time whenever you would like.

Bicentennial Freedom Train from Digital Projects on Vimeo.

[Technical Note: The videos do not always load on the first try.  If the video does not play, reload the page and try again.  We hope to improve this soon, but if you continue to have problems, please contact us.]

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