Talking Leaves

Sometime around 1981, the library’s TV station produced a series of interviews with regional writers from around Tennessee entitled Talking Leaves: A Regional Focus.  Somehow, our copies of the program did not survive, but thanks to the good folks of the Paul Meek Library at the University of Tennessee at Martin, we now have digital copies of all eight episodes of the series:

  1. Episode 1 – George Scarbrough
  2. Episode 2 – Robert Drake
  3. Episode 3 – Christine Noble Govan
  4. Episode 4 – Jeff Daniel Marion
  5. Episode 5 – John Egerton
  6. Episode 6 – Will Davis Campbell
  7. Episode 7 – Etheridge Knight
  8. Episode 8 – Analysis and Discussion with Dr. Ramsey Fowler (Memphis State) and Dan Gann.

If you’re not sold yet, perhaps I could throw in classic early 80’s fashion and a catchy theme song?  Happy viewing!


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