Calling All Red Knights!

Bishop Byrne Crest

Angie Price, class of 2002, is creating an archival collection of Bishop Byrne Middle and High School memorabilia.  Please bring in your photographs, programs, school newsletters, playbills, etc. to help create a permanent collection in the Memphis and Shelby County Room.  We will be receiving donations on Saturday, March 8th, between 10 am and 4 pm, in the Memphis Room on the 4th Floor of the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library.  If you have something that you are not yet ready to donate, volunteers will be available to scan your items for inclusion in this collection.



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3 responses to “Calling All Red Knights!

  1. When will we be able to see the scanned items you have collected so far?

    • Hi Leonard,

      Since this project is still in progress, we don’t know exactly what form it is ultimately going to take. We still hope that more alumni will come forward with donations. Once we feel like the donations have stopped, we will be able to move on to the next step of creating the physical and digital collections. It’s not a quick process, because we want to do it thoroughly and make sure that these items are well preserved for future generations.

  2. Sarah – are we close to a release date? Our alumni are anxious to see the collection. -thanks for all your hard work!

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