Park Commission Minute Books

John Dulaney has been hard at work over the past year processing the Park Commission Minute Books.  And when I say hard at work, I mean it. The amount of time he has committed to this project is staggering.  The detailed finding aid he has created will be ready soon, but we’ve added a few items to Dig Memphis to give you a taste of what sorts of wonders you will be able to find in this collection:


Minute Book 1

The Memphis Park Commission was created in September of 1900, and the first minute book covers 1900 – 1910.  This volume is available in its entirety.  From the creation of Overton Park, the Parkways, and the Zoo to growing demand for “a park for the colored citizens,” the early years of the Commission’s history shed a unique light on a slice of Memphis history.


A number of documents were inserted into the pages of the 29 Minute Books used between 1900 and 2000.  Several of those are digitized and available here.

And now, just because I have it (and despite the fact that he will kill me… ) – A picture of the dutiful Mr. Dulaney doing what he does so well.  Now that you know what he looks like, thank him when you see him!

John Dulaney


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