Bolton, Dickens & Co. Record of Slaves, 1856 – 1858

Cover of Document

This document, created by Shirley Neely, is an oft-requested resource in the Memphis Room.  Featuring a transcription and compilation of the records of one of the largest slave dealers in Memphis during the middle part of the 1800s, this manuscript is now available in its entirety in the archive. Pages 1-38 are a day-to-day accounting by Isaac Bolton for the months of March and April 1865. Pages 39-79 list the names of slaves, purchase prices, etc. Pages 80-91 include entries for sale of slaves. Pages 92-99 are transcriptions of correspondence and the last section includes newspaper articles and advertisements.


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4 responses to “Bolton, Dickens & Co. Record of Slaves, 1856 – 1858

  1. What an important resource. Thanks for digitizing it and making it available. I’ve added a link to it on the Shelby County TNGenWeb site. Thanks!

  2. Brigitte

    I am trying to find out the name of the “23-year old slave boy” who was bought by the Methodist preacher: Thomas B. Crenshaw (p.116) or D.K. Crenshaw (p.107). He returned to Kentucky but he won a court case and was set free afterwards. I will try the Shelby County Archives next for the Chancery Court records from 1857. Thank you for making these records available!

  3. Socalredhead

    Do you have any information on why there are references to two different Crenshaws in this document? The Methodist preacher is David King Crenshaw. Any idea who Thomas B. Crenshaw is in relation to David K. Crenshaw and why they are both mentioned in this story interchangeably?

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