Digital Projects – Volunteers and Participants

We must extend a huge thank you to everyone who has helped to build Dig Memphis.  It would not be possible without our interns and volunteers!  These are the folks, past and present, who have helped to bring the digital archive to life:

Regan Adolph

Ellery Ammons

Emily Baker

Dallas Burkhardt

Diana Duncan

Sarah Fesmire

Lanier Flanders

Raquel Flores-Clemons

Laura Fogarty

David Gildart

Victoria Grey

Christopher Hanewald

Vanessa Hays

Matthew Hicks

Eldon “Chip” Holliday III

Katie Jakovich

Mathew Jehl

Candice Joyner

Karen Kalnins

Alice Kendall

Elizabeth Levkoff

Patricia Lockhart

Christopher Montoya

Matthew Moore

Becky Muska

Lauren Peterson

Angie Price

Jordan Redmon

Margie Robertson

Sophie Smith

Katy Tait

Janet Wyatt

John Yackulics

If you would like to volunteer, we’d love to have you.  Contact us.