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Forrest Monument Association and Charles Niehaus

Forrest Minutes Book


Volunteer extraordinaire Becky Muska has done it again.  After expertly digitizing the Pink Palace Photograph Collection, she set her sights on the the Nathan Bedford Forrest Monument Association Minutes Book and Cash Ledger Book, which document the creation of the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue in Forrest Park.

Not only did she digitize both items, but she also created a new digital-only document that incorporates letters, photographs, and newspaper articles along with entries from the Minutes Book  to tell the story of sculptor Charles Henry Niehaus and his quest to create the park’s sculpture: Charles Henry Niehaus and the Forrest Monument.


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Memphis in Harper’s Weekly and Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper

Before cameras and photographers, there were skilled artists who were tasked with providing detailed images to accompany the news.  And since photographs of Memphis in the 19th century are fairly rare, we rely on these sketches and drawings to tell us about what Memphis looked like in its early history.

The Illustrations from Harper’s Weekly Newspaper and Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper collection contains numerous images (and news articles) from the second half of the 19th century, covering events in Memphis and the surrounding areas.  We’ve added some of them to Dig Memphis and we hope you enjoy!

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