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Black Memphians

In honor of Black History Month, we have created a display of some of the great leaders, thinkers and doers from our fair city.  A few of the people included in the display:

Ethyl Venson founded the Cotton Makers’ Jubilee in 1935, along with her husband Ransom Q. Venson.   She was also the first woman and African-American to be appointed to the board of the Memphis Housing Authority.

A great portrait of Bob Church, Jr., W.C. Handy and Lt. George Lee.

Memphis native and author Arthur Flowers.

To see the complete gallery, please click here.


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Happy 75th to Elvis Presley

On January 8, Elvis Presley would have celebrated his 75th birthday.  To celebrate, we created a digital display of news clippings and images of the King:


If you want to view all of the images from the display, click here.  There is so much more Elvis stuff that it could take years to digitize it all.  But you can come take a look whenever you like.

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Christmas in Memphis

For the holidays, we created a digital display of images that depict Christmas in Memphis.  We thought you might enjoy some of these:

To see all of our holiday images, visit the gallery here.

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