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New Digital Collection: Saul Brown

A hallway, filled with photographs by Saul Brown. Saul pokes his head out from a doorway about halfway back.

Two summers ago, intern Emily Baker took on the Herculean task of processing a collection of thousands of photos, slides and negatives from Memphis photographer Saul Brown.  She did a masterful job of organizing the items and creating a finding aid, and she even managed to find the time to scan a representative image from each section of the collection.  Thanks to Emily, you can now view 500+  images from the Saul Brown Photograph Collection on Dig Memphis.  The collection features Brown’s work beyond his 20 years as a staff photographer for the Press-Scimitar: travels in Europe, Asia, and North America; promotional photography for Memphis theaters; and the faces and places of Memphis.



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New Digital Collection: Pink Palace Photograph Collection

We couldn’t be more thrilled to tell you that the Pink Palace Photograph Collection is coming to a computer screen near you.

Volunteer Becky Muska has joined our fold and is beginning the daunting task of digitizing this large collection. Though the collection has been at the library since an equipment-for-images trade with the Pink Palace in 1976, this will be the first time that it will be possible to browse or search the wonderful photos that make up the collection.

The process is just getting started so check back every few weeks to see the new images that will be added. You’ll find pictures of all sorts of things–buildings, boats, people, places… I couldn’t list it all if I tried.

To see the first 25 images in the collection, click here.

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William Faulkner and… Shelby Foote?

We know that it’s Faulkner on the right, with the pipe.  But could that be Shelby Foote in the center of the picture in profile?  In Conversations with Shelby Foote by William C. Carter (ed.), Foote was interviewed by Dick Cavett and said that he met Faulkner on the day that Mr. Faulkner finished writing If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem, which would have been around 1939.  He added, “I’ve spent other times with him–couple of days riding around in cars and we would go get ourselves a bottle of whiskey and drink it.”  Was this one of those days when they were riding around?

What say you?

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Merry Christmas!

To view other images of Christmas in Memphis, click here.

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Favorites: Miss Bill’s Class

One of my favorites from The Schoolyard:

Why do I love this photograph so much?

Well, it could be the kid who is so mesmerized by his neighbor’s hair that he forgets about the task at hand:

Or, it could be the girl who can’t find happiness despite the size of her bow:

It’s definitely not this young man:

It’s this girl.   She seems to embody a fierce confidence of which even Tyra Banks would approve.   She’s even smiling with her eyes.  Hardly the image I had of a teenage girl in the early part of the 20th century…

Unfortunately, we don’t know who she is, or even which school she attended.  All we know from the photo is that this is Miss Bill’s 8th Grade class.  If you have any other information or suggestions, please leave a comment.

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The Schoolyard

We’ve created a new collection – The Schoolyard – that will feature class portraits, school buildings and everything else having to do with education in and around Memphis.  To start with, we’ve added about 40 class portraits from across the decades.  As always, if you can help us identify any of the schools or students, we’d love your input!

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Happy 75th to Elvis Presley

On January 8, Elvis Presley would have celebrated his 75th birthday.  To celebrate, we created a digital display of news clippings and images of the King:


If you want to view all of the images from the display, click here.  There is so much more Elvis stuff that it could take years to digitize it all.  But you can come take a look whenever you like.

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